NB_340_17_3 - NB 340-17-3 SPA – FY 2017 State Scorecard Data Accumulation and Publication Dates
NB 340-17-3 SPA – FY 2017 State Scorecard Data Accumulation and Publication Dates
National Bulletin: 340-17-3  Date: January 26, 2017
Subject: SPA ­– FY 2017 State Scorecard Data Accumulation and Publication Dates

Purpose.   To announce changes to the data accumulation and publication dates of the State scorecard.  
Expiration Date.  September 30, 2017   
Background. The Regional Conservationists implemented the current State scorecard format in fiscal year (FY) 2016.  It is a regularly updated document to help all parties have a clear expectation of what performance measures are being monitored at the State level. It provides information about how well a State is performing at the end of each fiscal quarter compared to established annual performance targets and quarterly status estimates.


In developing the current scorecard process, it was determined that the scorecard should—


• Help Regional Conservationists monitor State conservationist performance.

• Help State Conservationists understand whether or not they are meeting performance expectations.

• Facilitate a proactive approach to prevent or quickly resolve adverse situations.


The scorecard is manually developed, maintained in an Excel workbook, and distributed approximately 30 days after the end of each quarter (on or near February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1). The availability of the scorecard occurs too late for use during midyear and end-of-year performance reviews and ratings.

Explanation.  In FY 2017, the data accumulation date and publication schedule for the State scorecard has been revised to allow use during midyear and end-of-year performance reviews.   Preliminary end-of-year data will be published for selected indicators in an abbreviated scorecard by mid-October.


Data Accumulation Date

Publication Date (no later than)

February 28

March 31

June 30

July 28

August 31

September 20

September 30

November 10

Contact. For further information or questions about this bulletin, please contact Chris Tippie, Oversight and Evaluation Team leader, at (817) 509-3309 or Chris.Tippie@ftw.usda.gov. 




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Regional Conservationist, Southeast


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