M_440_504_ - Part 504 – Technical Service Provider Assistance
Part 504 – Technical Service Provider Assistance

Subpart A – General Information 

504.0  Program Purpose and Availability

504.1  Purpose and Use of the Manual

504.2  Source of Authority

504.3  Definitions

504.4  Exclusions

504.5  Ethics

504.6  Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act

504.7  Equal Access

504.8  Indian Tribes and Alaska Natives

Subpart B – Roles and Responsibilities 

504.10  NRCS Conservation Program Participants

504.11  Technical Service Providers

504.12  Recommending Organizations

504.13  NRCS Roles

504.14  NRCS Responsibilities

504.15  Conservation Partners

Subpart C – Certification and Decertification Policy 

504.20  Introduction

504.21  General Requirements

504.22  Certification Criteria and Requirements

504.23  Certification Procedures

504.24  Verification of Submitted Information

504.25  Certification Maintenance and Renewal

504.26  Certification Exemptions

504.27  Decertification

504.28  Recertification After Decertification

Subpart D – Technology, Technological Tools, and Training 

504.40  Availability of Technology and Technological Tools

504.41  Technical Service Provider Training

Subpart E – Acquisition of and Payment for Technical Services

504.50  Participant Acquisition of Technical Services

504.51  Technical Service Payment Rates

504.52  Exceptions to the TSPRs

504.53  Responsibilities for Technical Service Payment Rates

Subpart F – Measurement and Accountability System 

504.60  Reporting System

504.61  Quality Assurance and Spot Checking

504.62  Compliance With Statutory and Regulatory Requirements

Subpart G – Appeals and Mediation 

504.70  General Information

504.71  Appeals and Mediation Processes

Subpart H – Technical Assistance Waste, Fraud, and Abuse                 

504.80  Zero Tolerance

504.81  Erroneous Representation Affecting Program Determination

504.82  Authorities for Technical Assistance Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

Subpart I – Exhibits 

504.90  Rule

504.91  Sample Agreements and Letters

A.  TSP Certification Agreement

B.  Proposed Decertification Letter

C.  Decertification Letter

504.92  Forms

A.  Form NRCS-CPA-70, “Permission to Access Program Participant NRCS NCP Database Information for TSP” (http://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/detail/national/programs/technical/tsp/?&cid=stelprdb1045258)

B.  Form NRCS-CPA-1236, “Assignment of Payment” (http://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/detail/national/programs/technical/tsp/?&cid=stelprdb1045258)

C.  TSP Certification of Services Provided

D.  Form SF-1199a, “Direct Deposit Sign-up Form” (http://forms.sc.egov.usda.gov//efcommon/eFileServices/eForms/SF1199-A.PDF)

504.93  Regional Certification Areas

National TSP Team and Regional Certification Map

504.94  TSP Guidance

A.  TSP Application Verification Process

B.  Use of the Application Tracking and Management Tool




[M_440_504_ - 1st Ed., Amend. 109, December 2016 - ]