H_390_600-606 - Parts 600-606 - National Watershed Program Handbook
Parts 600-606 - National Watershed Program Handbook

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Part 600 – Watershed Program Management 

Subpart A – Program Criteria

600.0 Authority, Purpose, and Scope
600.1 Watershed Program Overview
600.2 Relationship to Other Programs
600.3 Eligible Purposes
600.4 Project Scope 

Subpart B – Responsible Parties

600.10 NRCS Responsibilities
600.11 Sponsor Responsibilities 

Subpart C – Application for Assistance

600.20 Request for NRCS Planning Assistance
600.21 Planning Authorization
600.22 Amendment to an Application 

Subpart D – Program Administrative Requirements

600.30 Civil Rights
600.31 Administrative Record Requirement
600.32 Federal Laws, Regulations, Executive Orders, Other Authorities 

Subpart E – Program Cost Sharing

600.40 Cost-Share Authority
600.41 Cost-Share Policy
600.42 Cost-Share Rates for Watershed Program Projects
600.43 Relocation Payments

Part 601 – Development of Watershed Project Plans 

Subpart A Background

601.0 Preparation of the Watershed Project Plan
601.1 Compliance With the National Environmental Policy Act
601.2 Consultation
601.3 Cooperating Agencies 

Subpart B – Project Plan Requirements

601.10 Planning Standards and Criteria
601.11 Water Resource Projects
601.12 Plan Formulation 

Subpart C – Plan Procedures

601.20 Preliminary Investigation
601.21 Plan of Work
601.22 NEPA Documentation
601.23 Notice of Intent
601.24 Public Participation
601.25 Pre-NEPA Plans
601.26 Status 

Subpart D – Watershed Project Plan Content and Format

601.30 Project Plan Content
601.31 Plan Format Outline
601.32 Abstract (Fly Sheet)
601.33 Summary (OMB Fact Sheet)
601.34 Purpose and Need for Action
601.35 Scope of the EA/EIS
601.36 Affected Environment
601.37 Alternatives
601.38 Environmental Consequences
601.39 Consultation, Coordination, and Public Participation
601.40 The Preferred Alternative
601.41 References
601.42 List of Preparers
601.43 Distribution List
601.44 Index
601.45 Appendices

Part 602 – Reviews and Approvals 

Subpart A – Approval for NED Exceptions

602.0 Exceptions to the NED Plan Requirement
602.1 Timing and Documentation
602.2 Watershed Rehabilitation Projects
602.3 NED and Projects Requiring Congressional Approval 

Subpart B – Technical and Policy Reviews

602.10 Plan Review
602.11 NRCS Reviews 

Subpart C – Public and Interagency Review

602.20 Inviting Comments
602.21 NEPA Requirements
602.22 Consideration of Review Comments
602.23 Making the Decision 

Subpart D – Fund Authorization

602.30 Approval Authorities for Watershed Project Plans
602.31 Plans That May Be Approved Administratively
602.32 Plans That Require Congressional Approval
602.33 Notification of Public Law 83-566 Funding Authorization
602.34 Approval of Public Law 78-534 Projects 

Subpart E – Special Designated Areas

602.40 Introduction
602.41 Appalachia
602.42 Delaware River Basin
602.43 Susquehanna River Basin
602.44 Tennessee Valley Authority

Part 603 – Watershed Project Plan Modifications 

Subpart A – Preparation of Revised and Supplemental Plans
603.0 Introduction
603.1 Revised Watershed Project Plan
603.2 Supplemental Watershed Project Plan
603.3 Exchange of Correspondence
603.4 Project Agreement 

Subpart B – Review and Approval of Plan Modifications

603.10 Introduction
603.11 Review and Notification Procedures
603.12 Approval and Authorization
603.13 Approval and Authorization of Public Law 78-534 Projects

Part 604 – Project Installation 

Subpart A – General Provisions

604.0 Introduction
604.1 Operations Management
604.2 Agreements Required
604.3 Real Property Rights
604.4 Easement Monitoring and Enforcement 

Subpart B – Financing Provisions

604.10 Introduction
604.11 In–Kind Contributions
604.12 Value of In-Kind Contributions
604.13 Loans
604.14 Advance of Funds by NRCS 

Subpart C – Completion of Projects

604.20 Fully Installed Projects
604.21 Completion of Partially Installed Projects
604.22 Deauthorized Projects 

Subpart D – Reports

604.30 Introduction
604.31 Annual Operation Budget Estimates
604.32 Progress Summaries

Part 605 – Postinstallation Assistance 

Subpart A – Overview

605.0 Introduction
605.1 Determining Type of Postinstallation Assistance
605.2 Additional Work 

Subpart B – Operation and Maintenance

605.10 O&M Required Agreement
605.11 Operation and Maintenance Defined
605.12 Responsibilities
605.13 Operation and Maintenance Time Periods 

Subpart C – Remedial Assistance

605.20 Remedial Assistance Defined
605.21 Procedure 

Subpart D – Watershed Rehabilitation Program

605.30 Rehabilitation Introduction
605.31 Assessment Assistance
605.32 Application for Rehabilitation Assistance
605.33 Application Ranking
605.34 Request for Funding
605.35 Development of Rehabilitation Project Plans
605.36 Project Implementation
605.37 Operation and Maintenance
605.38 Data Management 

Subpart E – Completion of Federal Interest

605.40 Introduction
605.41 Procedure
605.42 Technical Assistance
605.43 Closed Projects

Part 606 – Exhibits

In addition to pdf versions of the following subparts, if an exhibit contains a template, a link is provided to an editable version of the template document.

Subpart A – Program Cost Sharing 

606.0 Allocation of Cost in Single and Multipurpose Projects
606.1 Separable Cost-Remaining Benefit (SCRB)—Cost by Purpose
606.2 Separable Cost-Remaining Benefit Method—Cost Allocation
606.3 Cost Allocation and Cost Sharing—Summary 

Subpart B – Development of Watershed Project Plans

606.10 Memorandum of Understanding Between NRCS (SCS) and FS
606.11 Feasibility Report—Outline
606.12 Cooperating Agencies Invitation Letter
606.13 Plan of Work—Example
606.14 Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS—Example
606.15 Front Cover Page for Watershed Plan-EA—Example
606.16 Fly Sheet containing an Abstract—Example
606.17 Summary (Office of Management and Budget Fact Sheet)
606.18 Resource Concerns for Scoping
606.19 Summary of Scoping—Example
606.20 Incremental Analysis—Example
606.21 Summary and Comparison of Alternative Plans
606.22 List of Preparers—Example 

Subpart C – Reviews and Approvals

606.30 Review and Approval Process for Watershed Project Plans 
606.31 Transmittal Letter to EPA for Draft Plan-EIS—Template 
606.32 Transmittal Letter to Governor—Template
606.33 Transmittal Letter for Interagency Review—Template
606.34 Transmittal Letter for Interagency Review of Draft Supplemental Plan-EA—Template
606.35 Finding Of No Significant Impact (FONSI)—Example 
606.36 Notice of Availability of a FONSI—Template
606.37 Transmittal Letter to Federal Register for Notice of Availability of a FONSI—Example
606.38 Transmittal Letter for Final Plan-EIS—Example
606.39 Record of Decision—Example 
606.40 Notice of Availability of Record of Decision—Template
606.41 Administrative Agreement with Delaware River Basin
606.42 Memorandum of Understanding Between TVA and SCS 

Subpart D – Watershed Project Plan Modifications 

606.50 Exchange of Correspondence—Template 
606.51 Supplemental Watershed Agreement—Template
606.52 Revised Watershed Agreement—Template
606.53 Letter Submitting Supplemental Watershed Plan to CED—Template

Subpart E – Project Installation

606.60 Installation and Contracts Schedule
606.61 Memorandum of Understanding between SCS (NRCS) and FmHA (RUS) 
606.62 Transmittal Letter to ASTC for Project Completion Report—Template
606.63 Transmittal Letter to CED for Project Completion Report—Template
606.64 Project Completion Letter to the SLO—Template
606.65 Notice of Intent to Deauthorize Federal Funding—Template 
606.66 Notice of Deauthorization of Funding—Template 

Subpart F – Postinstallation Assistance

606.70 Letter Releasing a Floodwater Retarding Structure to the SLO for O&M—Template 
606.71 Cost Computation for Rehabilitation Project Spreadsheet—Example 

Subpart G – Glossary and Acronyms

606.80 Glossary
606.81 Acronyms

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