H_190_NRPH.600 - National Range and Pasture Handbook
National Range and Pasture Handbook


The National Range and Pasture Handbook is a large PDF file that was divided into three parts for printing Link to printable copy Part A, Link to printable copy Part B, and Link to printable copy Part C

Chapter 1 – NRCS Authority, Mission, Goal, and Policies for Private Grazing Lands Assistance

600.0100 Authority

600.0101 Mission

600.0102 Goal

600.0103 Policies

Chapter 2 – Grazing Lands Resources

600.0200 Extent

600.0201 Uses and benefits

600.0202 Native grazing lands in the United States

600.0203 Forage croplands and pasturelands

Chapter 3 – Ecological Sites and Forage Suitability Groups

Section 1 Ecological Sites for Rangeland and Forest Land

600.0300 Rangeland ecological sites

600.0301 Plant community development and dynamics

600.0302 Determining the characteristic vegetation states of an ecological site

600.0303 Name, number, and correlation of ecological sites

600.0304 Ecological site descriptions on rangeland

600.0305 Rangeland ecological sites and soil surveys

600.0306 Forest land ecological sites

600.0307 Native and naturalized pasture

Section 2 Forage Suitability Groups

600.0308 Introduction

600.0309 Indexing forage suitability groups

600.0310 Forage suitability group report content

600.0311 Climatic factors that influence forage production

600.0312 Soil factors that influence forage production

600.0313 Landscape properties influencing forage suitability groups

600.0314 Soil properties influencing forage suitability groups

Chapter 4 – Inventorying and Monitoring Grazing Land Resources

600.0400 General

600.0401 Inventory

600.0402 Evaluating and rating ecological sites

600.0403 Evaluating grazed forest lands

600.0404 Vegetation sampling techniques

Chapter 5 – Management of Grazing Lands

Section 1 Managing Native Grazing Lands

600.0500 Managing rangelands

600.0501 Managing grazed forest lands

600.0502 Managing naturalized or native pasture

Section 2 Managing Forage Crop and Pasture Lands

600.0503 General

600.0504 Managing improved pasture

600.0505 Conservation practices for pasture

600.0506 Managing forage cropland

600.0507 Vegetative conservation practices for forage cropland

600.0508 Conclusion

Section 3 Procedures and Worksheets for Planning Grazing Management

600.0509 General

600.0510 Forage inventory

600.0511 Animal inventory

Chapter 6 – Livestock Nutrition, Husbandry, and Behavior

600.0600 General

600.0601 Nutrition

600.0602 Basal metabolism

600.0603 Maintaining a balance between livestock numbers and available forage

600.0604 Feedstuffs

600.0605 Husbandry

600.0606 Control of livestock parasites and diseases

600.0607 Regulating the breeding season

600.0608 Animal behavior

Chapter 7 – Rangeland and Pastureland Hydrology and Erosion

Section 1 Hydrologic Cycle and Effects of Vegetation, Grazing, and Management on Hydrology and Erosion

600.0700 Introduction

600.0701 Watershed management

600.0702 Effect of trampling and grazing on hydrology and erosion

Section 2 Hydrology and Erosion Models and Other Decision Support Tools

Section 3 Application and Interpretation of Rangeland and Pastureland Models and Other Decision Support Tools

Chapter 8 – Wildlife Management on Grazing Lands

600.0800 General

600.0801 Technical assistance to landowners and managers

Chapter 9 – Grazing Lands Enterprise Diversification

600.0900 General

600.0901 Enterprise diversification

600.0902 Diversification alternatives

600.0903 Technical assistance policy and responsibilities

600.0904 Decision process for selection of alternative enterprises

Chapter 10 – Grazing Lands Economics

600.1000 General

600.1001 Policy

600.1002 Purpose

600.1003 Terms and definitions

600.1004 Amortization of cost of a conservation practice

600.1005 Economic analysis using net present value and internal rate of return

Chapter 11 – Conservation Planning on Grazing Lands

600.1100 General

600.1101 Objectives

600.1102 Developing conservation plans

600.1103 Conservation planning process





[H_190_NRPH.600 - 1st Edition, Sept. 2008 - December 2006]