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The Electronic Directives System (eDirectives) provides on-line access to directives issued by NRCS.

Using "Browse By Directive"
Start by clicking on one of the "Browse By Directive" categories on the left navigation panel. Once you have selected your directive category you will be shown a list of folders closed folder representing the main sections of the directive. Click on the folder icon or folder title to open opened folder; it will show the sub folders and text sections.directive text

If a folder has the capability of being opened as a document, a link labeled [view all] will appear to the right of the title. By clicking the [view all] link, all components contained within that folder will be opened as a single document.

Viewing and Printing Directives
All directives are displayed in a separate window for easy viewing and printing. When displayed from the eDirectives system, the display window contains three buttons, Add to Favorites, Print, and Close. The Add to Favorites button allows you to 'bookmark' this page for direct retrieval. If you bookmark a directive and link to it directly, the Close button is replaced by a Home button which will take you to the eDirectives home page.

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